Welcome to our first blog post as The Love Stories. 

It’s a brand new look and feel for us fueled by a renewed vision for who we are as a brand. 

When we launched this business together on January 4th 2021, we called ourselves Animal House Visuals. At the time we lived in a small 2-bedroom home in Hermosa Beach, CA with our three dogs Finn, Oliver and Milly. As we worked toward building this company, our dogs were always by our side as we made progress in the late months of 2020. We were making visuals together in a house filled with animals, so we came by the name honestly.

As we’ve spent the last year-and-a-half shooting weddings together all over the world we’ve also been discussing what fuels our relationship, what makes our hearts happy as visual artists, what we make for our clients, and the things we value as a company. We want The Love Stories to speak not to what we do, but how and why we do it (with passion, purpose, and a sense of adventure intertwined). Our rebrand more closely aligns our company with what fills the two of us with joy as humans, namely working with adventurous couples who want to explore remarkable places together, the very trait that brought Anna and I together as a couple.

The two of us met on the island of Oahu in 2019. We immediately recognized a shared value in one another for exploration and being confronted with new vistas that challenged our notions of the world around us. That spirit of discovery has been with us through everything we’ve done together as a couple and as business partners.

We learn something new every time we shoot a wedding, but one of our biggest takeaways from the 2021 wedding season was that our work together truly shines when we align ourselves with couples that share the importance of discovery and exploration in their relationships. Despite the fact that our subjects are couples, we’re still travelers at heart and we constantly seek to align our couples with breathtaking backdrops that either play an important role in their history together or they want to experience together for the first time.

In rebranding, we aim to find ourselves in our couples’ versions of paradise so we can collaborate together to tell beautiful love stories filled with adventure and the excitement of the unknown.

And so, The Love Stories was born to be a travel + destination focused brand working closely with adventurous couples across the globe to help them share their love stories. We’ve worked every day this year exploring new places with our cameras, capturing new faces, establishing branding and a new website, and installing three essential pieces in our offerings; Real life, Wild love, and True stories. 

This business is a promise between a loving couple to direct our energy toward being our authentic selves and putting out authentic work. 

A +J

Behind The Brand, The Love Stories